Car Insurance in Spain

Car insurance in Spain is mandatory and it is taken very seriously if there is a violation of this law. Many tourists do not realize that they are only permitted to drive in Spain under their own insurance for 6 months after the 6 months are up than it is expected that licensing requirements and car insurance for Spain will be secured.

At a minimum you need third party liability insurance on your vehicle to legal drive in Spain. Do keep in mind that there are three branches of law enforcement in Spain that all have the authority to stop vehicles and request to see proof of insurance.

There have been many cases where a tourist is stopped and asked for proof of insurance and was able to produce proof of insurance from their home country but were unable to prove how long they were in Spain and were fined.

If you are traveling to or through Spain be sure to carry proof of your length of stay AND secure the proper auto insurance if you plan on staying beyond the 6 month period.

The Car Is Insured

Car insurance in Spain is a bit different than car insurance in both the US and other European nations in that the insurance covers the car not the driver. Usually the insurance will cover any driver of the car as long as they are over a certain age which is usually around 25.

Unlike other plans or policies you can not port your car insurance from one car to another. The insurance is only good on the car that it is written for. If you plan on driving another car you have to be sure that the other car is insured.

If you plan on travelling to other countries you should read more about car insurance on sites like Bilforsikring (Denmark), Internation and the information site from the European Union.


The minimum coverage is good for anyone that has a car that is not really valuable. In other words if your car is not worth a lot than you will not miss it a lot should their be a total loss after an accident. If you value your vehicle than you will want to opt for more than just the minimum.

Full coverage or comprehensive coverage will cover your vehicle in the event of any accident, vandalism, injury or fire. You can shop for car insurance in Spain to compare prices and see the coverage options that are available to you that will work the best for your situation.

photo by:

Lee Cannon