Have you ever wondered what it was like to experience a real-life bullfight?  Or, stood in a museum admiring one of Pablo Picasso’s great works of art and wondered what it must have been like for him growing up?  The answers to these questions, and many great adventures and attractions, can be found in Malaga, Spain.  Located on the coast of Spain, Malaga has long been an attractive destination for travelers of all types.  Now is the time to buy if you are looking at purchasing cheap tickets to this bustling beach town.

Known as a gateway for many of Spain’s wonderful resort towns, Malaga has a rich tradition all it’s own.  For those who enjoy sightseeing, there are several wonderful landmarks to enjoy.  The Alcazaba of Malaga stands one of the most complete citadels that were built by the Moors from the 10th – 15th century A.D.  With it’s grand fortifications, the Alcazaba is considered one of the finest examples of military structures from that period.

For art lovers, Malaga is the home to the world-renowned artist Pablo Picasso.  Born in Malaga in 1881, his work as a sculptor, painter, and ceramist has given him the distinction of being one of the most influential artists of the 20th century.  While he dabbled in many different styles, he was considered revolutionary for creating a new movement called “Cubism” followed by another movement he fathered called “Surrealism”.  Malaga has many art galleries dedicated to this famous artist and could keep the avid art lover busy for many days.

If you love to relax and just get away, the resorts and beaches of Malaga have everything you could ever want.  Calle Larios, the city’s center, is a bustling shopping district filled with local flair and unique eateries.  And, to top it all off, you can enjoy a spectacle unlike any other at the Plaza de Toros, Malaga’s bullfighting ring.

Cheap flight tickets are now available to Malaga for an experience you will never forget.  Flights from New York, Houston, and Miami are currently under $1000 round trip – some as low as $700! If you are coming from the Western U.S. or the West Coast, you can still get deals as low as $1100 – $1600 round trip. If you are looking for a truly exciting getaway, you can’t afford to pass up this opportunity.  Malaga awaits to transport you to another world and another time.